Recla Oltspeck

Oltspeck - because tradition obliges

The Recla family has been specialised in the production of ham for generations. Today, the family is a renowned specialist in the area of ham. With the Oltspeck product, Recla intends to combine the best of knowhow and ingredients. The Val Venosta production site with its airy-windy climate offers ideal prerequisites for the 8 month maturing period.

Really enjoying Oltspeck

Oltspeck can develop its full aroma best when it is removed from the package for some time (approx. half an hour) before serving. Remove the rind and cut the ham against its texture. The thinner the cut, the more intensive the aroma. Store Oltspeck in a cool dry place. Recla`s Oltspeck is available as full, half or quarter ham. The product is also available in noble wooden boxes as a special gift for true ham-lovers.