Recla Sausages and Boiled Sausages

Passion for authentic pleasure

Sausages are a special and highly valued part of South Tyrolean food culture. Our cooked sausages are very popular too. This is why we always strive to offer the best tradition and quality every day. We only use fresh high-quality lean ham, which we cut ourselves. It is then refined with various spices and lightly smoked with beech wood.

Sausages and Boiled Sausages

In order to enjoy the full taste of sliced sausages, the sausages should be cut into thin slices. Sliced sausages are ideal for sandwiches together with pickles, tomatoes and cheese.
Additionally to the already mentioned, the sausages can be used cold, for example in rice or pasta salads. Furthermore they are an ideal topping for any pizza and are extra tasty when grilled.