Recla Smoked Sausages and Pancetta (savory bacon)

Smoked sausages: authentic delights from Alto Adige

The so-called Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages) are a successful mix of tradition and light pleasure.
Low-fat pork and beef, aromatic spices, only a little bit of salt, light smoking, and plenty of time are the simple ingredients of this products, which result from farming traditions.

Smoked Sausages and Pancetta (savory bacon)

In December the farmers used to hang the raw sausages over the fireplace in the kitchen. Thanks to this smoking process the sausage conservation was improved. After a while the sausages got a dark colour and a shape which was similar to a root.

Due to their fine taste, smoked sausages (Kaminwurzen) can also be enjoyed as a snack, starter or finger food. Furthermore, they are ideal for adding to vegetable or barley soups.

Pancetta (savory bacon): mild taste and varied use!

Our savory bacon is only lightly salted, seasoned and mildly smoked. Experts are surprised by its unusual mildness again and again! Due to its character it can be ideally combined with many different dishes: carbonara, pasta all’amatriciana, pizza, vegetables, meat, etc.