Passion, experience, mastery: these are the cornerstones of our family-run business, which has now reached its third generation with Robert and Paul Recla. We look to the future with a focus on innovation, driven every day by the desire to improve while remaining faithful to tradition. Our employees are our strength: together we form a team and a family. What we care about most is preserving the most authentic flavor of our local specialties over time and offering the highest quality products.


"Passion for us means dedication, perseverance, authenticity. It's a vibrant enthusiasm that drives us to always give our best."


"Know-how for us means skill, expression of artisanal mastery, attention to detail, which has always been our priority. Every day our tradition is kept alive through the excellence of our products."


"Family for us is a genuine connection with the land, with our heritage, with our employees. We pursue and seek honesty and transparency, keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground, yesterday and today."

The origins


The production of cured meats represents an ancient tradition, passed down from generation to generation: the history of the Recla family began in 1620.
The picture dates back to the second half of the 19th century. It shows the first establishment, which was then named "Gebrüder Recla" (Recla Brothers).



In 1985, Gino and Franz, the current owners, set up the first export company, based in Silandro, between the Ortles and the Palla Bianca massifs. The glaciers in the area have a strong influence on the climate, the air is very dry, fresh and pure. Far from the roads of heavy traffic, Recla uses 90 percent of outdoor air for drying and curing. The excellent curing of the speck therefore depends primarily on the area and its climate.


Production expansion

In 1995, an additional plant was acquired in Ciardes, and the range was expanded to include sausages, cooked ham and cooked cold cuts.
In 2000, the Silandro site was considerably enlarged; the third phase of expansion was completed in 2010 with the reorganisation of the packaging and shipping departments.


The third generation

The family company Recla is now in its third generation, continues to improve production processes, plant and products, handing down from generation to generation a deep respect for the final product and a great passion for tradition.