The stages of speck production

Speck Alto Adige PGI

Between the Alps and the Mediterranean, a symbiotic relationship is born between the culinary traditions of the Alpine regions and the flavors and cuisines of Italy. The fruit of this perfect relationship is Speck Alto Adige PGI. Its production requires dedication, precision, and an unbreakable link to tradition. Quality comes first, at every stage of processing, starting with the selection of the meat. Speck’s unique and characteristic flavor comes from gentle smoking, light salting, and long maturation in the fresh, clean air of Alto Adige.

Production phases

Selection of raw materials

Only properly selected hams are used: lean, firm and from authorised breeding farms.
At Recla, each ham is carefully checked by our experienced butchers and cut in our butchery following the expertise handed down from generation to generation.


Production phases

Typically seasoned

The second production phase is curing and spicing. Even today, the secret curing and spice recipe of the Recla family is used, which gives the speck a unique aroma.

Production phases

Typically Smoked

The third production phase is smoking, which follows the old rule "use a little salt, a little smoke and lots of fresh mountain air”. The product undergoes a process of delicate traditional smoking with beech wood.

Production phases

Typically Cured

The fourth production phase is curing. For a slow and balanced curing (22-24 weeks) of the speck, air quality is of primary importance. Recla has located its production site in the Val Venosta valley, between the Ortles and Palla Bianca glaciers, where the fresh mountain air and the wind ensure an exceptional curing of the Speck Alto Adige.

Production phases

The brand mark

The final step in the process is to brand the rind in several places, identifying the speck as real “Speck Alto Adige PGI.” This guarantees its absolute authenticity and attests that Recla speck complies with all the quality criteria set forth in the production specifications established by the "Consortium for the Protection of Speck Alto Adige" and verified through a strict system of controls by independent inspectors.

The secret ingredient of the Speck?

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