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Mushroom salad with ham and pecorino cheese


Clean the chanterelles, wash briefly and dry them on kitchen paper; depending on the size you can half or quarter them.
Peel the spring onions and cut finely.
Heat up olive oil or nut oil, add the chanterelles, roast briefly by swinging the pan several times; add the onions.
Add tomato cubes, salt and pepper and white wine vinegar. If required add some more olive oil and season with chives.

Chanterelles salad with ham and pecorino slices; garnish with chives and serve.

Cooking time: about 5 minutes

Chanterelles salad with boiled egg
Mix two boiled and chopped eggs under the chanterelles and use 2 table spoons of lemon instead of white wine vinegar.

You can also season the chanterelles with garlic.
Serve the chanterelles salad with various types of Carpaccio, as a cold starter or to Italian meat slices.
Instead of chanterelles you can also use porcini mushrooms, champignons or shiitake mushrooms.
You can cut the pecorino into thin slices with a peeler.


400 g of chanterelles
40 g spring onions
4 tbsp of olive oil or nut oil
100 g tomato cubes
pepper from the pepper mill
2 tbsp of white wine vinegar
1 tbsp of chives, finely chopped

12 Recla Speck slices
8 thin pecorino slices
4 chives


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