We bring Alto Adige to the world

Recla is a family company from Südtirol (Alto Adige - South Tyrol) that has been deeply rooted in the region’s traditions for three generations. We produce fine cured meats typical of the Alto Adige region. We have all the experience and expertise necessary to proudly call ourselves the Specialists of Speck! Our production plant has expanded over the years, and today covers an area of over 50,000 square meters, with a close-knit team of 330 employees. Our main market is Italy, but we export approximately 30% of our production to the rest of the world: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United States, and Canada are our primary foreign customers. Recla is a guarantee of quality, reliability, and transparency. That has led us to build important commercial partnerships and position ourselves as a preferred supplier to the large-scale retail trade, the food industry, and major restaurant chains.


"Passion for us means dedication, perseverance, authenticity. It's a vibrant enthusiasm that drives us to always give our best."


"Know-how for us means skill, expression of artisanal mastery, attention to detail, which has always been our priority. Every day our tradition is kept alive through the excellence of our products."


"Family for us is a genuine connection with the land, with our heritage, with our employees. We pursue and seek honesty and transparency, keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground, yesterday and today."