The first ingredient
is our valley

Among the Alps that dominate Alto Adige is situated the Vinschgau Valley, the gentlest valley in the region. It is located on the border between Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, where the Italian and German cultures enjoy a formidable union. This is our land: a valley immersed in nature and populated by authentic people with their feet firmly planted on the ground, like us at Recla. Here are our origins, here we produce our products, and we can only imagine our future being here.

Mountain air


At 3,905 m, the Ortles is the highest mountain in South Tyrol, and the north face in particular is considered the highest ice wall in the Eastern Alps. But why is it so important for Recla's speck? The company is located between the Ortles massif and the Palla Bianca massif. The glaciers in the area have a strong influence on the climate, the air is very dry, fresh and pure. Away from the high-traffic roads, Recla uses 90 percent of outside air for drying and curing. The excellent curing of the speck therefore depends firstly on the area and its climate. This is why the Ortles also appears on the Recla family speck packages.

Mountain air

Val Venosta

The Vinschgau Valley extends from the Resia Pass to the gates of Merano. It's kissed by the sun 300 days a year and is always breezy. In addition to being healthy, the air here has the right combination of temperature (10-16°C/50-60°F) and humidity (55-90%), as the art of curing requires. It is precisely because of its ideal location and the extraordinary climatic peculiarities that our family settled in the Vinschgau Valley and chose the village of Silandro as the headquarters of the Recla company.

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